Grown-up Travel Guide Beer Diary: Day 303

Welcome to the Grown-up Travel Guide 2015 Beer Diary!

A little background info: in December a group of us decided to set up the 2014 Beer Advent Calendar, whereby we would try a new beer each day up until Christmas. We shared our tipples on Facebook and Instagram and a great time was had by all – plus we all got to learn about some fine brews from around the world.

Faced with a sense of emptiness when the challenge was over I decided that 24 days a year was just not enough. Why not a year of beer? And so here we are. I reckon a beer a day can keep the doctor away – but even if not it’ll be fun, right?

Given that a large proportion of the year 2015 will be spent in foreign climes there will be the added element of finding a new brew wherever we travel and there are a huge number of excellent beers available here in Norway too – most of which I doubt any of our readers will have heard of.

Your participation is not only encouraged but required – just use the hashtag #grownupbeerdiary if possible. Add your entries here and/or use our social media channels – whatever works best for you.

To keep it simple follow the same format as we do here: describe your day in a maximum of five sentences, add some info about the beer and a photo or two.

Obscure ales and imports IPAs are always interesting but there’s to be no snobbery here – anything goes, even alcohol-free as we all need a good alternative now and again. We’ll work out the practicalities as we go – but since the first day of the year is nearly over we better get started on this journey around the world – in beer form. Cheers!

Day 303: October 30, 2015

Diary entry:

Back home and back to work.

Got quite a lot done and spent most of the day preparing for WTM.

In the evening it was finally time for us to see SPECTRE.

It lived up to expectations and Rebecca loved her first Bond opening night at the cinema.

Passing on a tradition from my Dad – it won’t be the last.

The Beer:

Grown-up Travel Guide Beer Diary - Day 303: Frydenlund Bayer draught from Ringnes of Oslo, Norway
Grown-up Travel Guide Beer Diary – Day 303: Frydenlund Bayer draught from Ringnes of Oslo, Norway


Name: Frydenlund Bayer draught

Producer: Ringnes of Oslo, Norway

Alcohol content: 4.7 %

Bottle size: 500 ml

Purchased from: EGON restaurant, Trondheim, Norway


Not a great deal of choice at this place, but this was better than expected and beats the canned version.

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