Grown-up Travel Guide Beer Diary: Number 380

Welcome to the Grown-up Travel Guide Beer Diary!

Also known as: The 1000 Beer Challenge!

A little background info: in December 2014 a group of us decided to set up the Beer Advent Calendar, whereby we would try a new beer each day up until Christmas. We shared our tipples on Facebook and Instagram and a great time was had by all – plus we all got to learn about some fine brews from around the world.

Faced with a sense of emptiness when the challenge was over I decided that 24 days a year was just not enough. Why not a year of beer? And that took up the whole of 2015, and we also repeated the Beer Advent Calendar for 2015 and drank only Christmas beers for the period.

Now it’s 2016 and the challenge is this: Drink 1000 unique beers! Since we’ve already tasted 365 we are well on our way but there are a few changes to the procedure now. For a start, it is no longer necessary to drink a beer every day, we just post each one when we try it. There is a strong possibility that there may be more than one each day, too…

And there is no pressure to complete 1000 beers by the end of 2016.

Apart from that it’s the same concept – I’ll rate each beer on Untappd so follow me there under user name lennygriff to see what I think of each one.

I will post each one on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #grownupbeerdiary

There will also be a new Pinterest Board for the 1000 Beer Challenge.

I’ll follow the same format as we did in 2015: describing the day in a maximum of five sentences, adding some info about the beer and a photo or two.

And the same mantra applies: Obscure ales and exotic IPAs are always interesting but there’s to be no snobbery here – anything goes, even alcohol-free as we all need a good alternative now and again.

Without further ado, let’s get started – Cheers!

Beer Number 380: January 15, 2016

Diary entry:

Back in business.

Plunged into my hotel review and finished it before lunch.

Then off to the gym for a swim.

Realised I’d lost my goggles so had to resort to breaststroke.

Home for dinner and a beer.

The Beer:

Grown-up Travel Guide Beer Diary - Number 380: Wolfie Smith from By The Horns Brewing Co. of Wandsworth, England
Grown-up Travel Guide Beer Diary – Number 380: Wolfie Smith from By The Horns Brewing Co. of Wandsworth, England


Name: Wolfie Smith

Producer: By The Horns Brewing Co. of Wandsworth, England

Alcohol content: 5.2%

Bottle size: 330 ml

Purchased from: Vinmonopolet, Trondheim, Norway


Brings back memories of Citizen Smith from the 70s of course – to those of a certain age and origin. Smooth and tasty.

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