Long Haul Locations Perfect for an Extended Trip

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When you’re planning an extended trip you need to make sure that you’re going somewhere that will keep you entertained and offer something different every day. Below are four countries that are perfect for your long haul holiday.

South Africa

The Rainbow Nation is a colourful, vibrant country. Exotic in parts, and downright plush in others, South Africa offers a whole host of exciting tour features that will keep you tied there for weeks.

Its coastline is well known for stunning beach scenery, white sands and breathtaking sea views. With a host of cities and towns at the coast, you are sure of urban coastal fun. Heading inward, you have the exciting prospects of a safari. Home to the Big 5, wildlife spotting happens across the country at one of its many game reserves and safari trails. South Africa is also home to picturesque sunsets and vast areas of natural beauty.

Home to a mix of vibrant cultures; keep on the lookout for South African tribal displays. Get involved in some vigorous African dances, learn a local dialect, and without fail try out some local delicacies. If they are not up to your standard, wash it down with some world class South African wine.


Australia is a country that has the potential to change you; more so if you are willing to take time to enjoy this continental country’s offering.

Start off your trip in one of the cities. The state capital cities are diverse, exciting and give you a crash course in Australian culture. Sydney is always a popular choice, with its iconic Sydney Opera House. From Sydney one option to explore the rest of Australia is to pick up a campervan and explore at your own, unrestricted pace. You can also opt for Canberra, Australia’s capital city.

Your extended stay is incomplete without exploring the vastness of Australia’s famous wilderness. Whether it’s trekking through the jungle in the Cape Tribulation, a radical track of stunning forest scenery, a taste of the wilderness at the South West National Park, or a taste of the iconic at the Ayers Rock – you never have enough time to fully take it in. Vast beaches and the beautiful wine area of Barossa Valley among many other places that await you.


India’s appeal is undeniable for the long haul tourist. You can literally spend a lifetime wandering through the 29 states, each with its unique natural and cultural allure with many breathtaking sights and attractions. In the South of India you find Goa and areas like Pondicherry – refined and fun for the western traveler. Mumbai’s heat and chaos can be tamed in one of the many hill stations located around the city. Darjeeling’s tea comes calling a little further north, or if you head to the east you can laze along Kerala’s famous backwaters.

Most famous though is the North Eastern Rajasthan desert area. Where you will find cities such as Udaipur, Jaipur, Agar, and of course, New Delhi. The North is also home to scenic states such as Jammu and Kashmir that are cooler and picturesque. If you want a more relaxed journey and ensure you don’t miss anything, you could opt to book an India travel specialist to guide you on your holiday.


With over 3.8 million miles to cover, an extended stay in the USA is the only way to fully enjoy what it has to offer. Unlike many other countries in the world, USA’s cities offer a major tourist attraction based on their film popularity. New York is the financial vein of the world, while Las Vegas’ reputation for fun and good times is unprecedented. You also have Los Angeles with its world famous Hollywood studios down in California.

However, America is also home to many natural, scenic wonders. The most iconic of them all is the Grand Canyon, and understandably so. On your long haul trip you also need to consider Hawaii’s volcanic beauty, the Monument Valley in Utah, New York’s Niagra Falls, California’s giant Redwood forests and Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.

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